Look Your Best This Summer

I have never been the bikini kinda of girl. My swimming costume have always been one piece modest design and the moment the towel comes off, I’m in the water in a flash. No showing off the figure for this lady.

So I reckon if ever I go on one of those holiday cruise deals, I will be the one under the shades with the most “clothes” on the deck gelakguling!

However, I was reading this article and I thought I share with you some tips on what to look out for in a swimsuit that would make you look hot hot hot this summer!

One piece

  • Make sure the leg opening is at the widest part of the hips. it makes your legs look longer
  • To play up curves, choose a solid colour with feminine details like runching or ruffles

Two piece

  • There should be enough coverage on the the bottom to prevent rear and side exposure
  • A low-rise waist nad high-cut leg is more flattering for the bottom

String bikini

  • Choose one with a top and bottom that you can tie yourself – this allows you to customise the fit and support
  • Add curves to narrow hips with a low-rise bottom

Enjoy your summer!!!


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