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Cooling Stuff for Me

Ever since my ulcer attack, I’ve been cutting down on drinking coffee coz some people actually told me that coffee is heaty. So I’ve been drinking lots of soya bean drinks, barley and also tea. Personally I don’t mind all the barley and the tea especially in this hot weather. My concern is for the […]

Travel to Seven Continents Tag

Juliana had both invited me to join them in this fun tag. Juliana is challenging all the bloggers to do this tag. She wanted to see how far we can get with all of bloggers in those 7 continents. ~Begin Copy~ Rules :1. Start Copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy”.2. Put your blog’s name […]

Ulcer No More

If you read my personal blog over at LJL, I’ve blogged about how I’ve had massive ulcer in my mouth from last week. I refused to use Bonjella as I found it only gave me relief for up to 15minutes and then the pain would come on again. A lot of of friends who commented […]

I need a Pacsafe

Do you know what I need? I need a sling purse that I can sling on my shoulders when I travel to and from Singapore. And not just any sling purse, it has to be strong and secure with lots of compartments and of course, if possible, pretty! I found just the one at Pacsafe […]

More RAM For Miss Fly

I think I need more memory ram (Random Access Memory) for Miss Fly. She’s currently running on 3GB right now and still I feel her performance could be improved. I know she can take up to 4GB so that is probably what I do. Upgrade her to the maximum and see how better she can […]

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