Scared Out of Your Wits

You will either hate it or you’ll love it! That’s Frontier(s) for you. The horror movie to watch this time around. With it’s gory details which are uncut and unrated, I will guarantee you it’s worth any and all the controversy it’s been raising. You’ll be begging to leave the theater if horror films are not your cup of tea. This movie is not for the faint hearted either with lots of blood and lots of screaming. Believe me, even I was grossed out when I watching the thriller at their website, which makes me want to watch it more!

If horror movies that’s grossed out, gory and explicitly detailed, tickle you fancy, then this is definitely the movie to watch this season. Bear in mind the movie is showing at select theater only, so make sure you get the select theater listings so you can be ready on May 9th. Yeap, May 9th, that’s when it will be first shown to the general public. Since I don’t live in the States, I hope to get the DVD, which will be available from 13th May onwards, as early as possible. I’m so gonna get my pillows ready! Lol!

So, everyone ready for Frontier (s)?


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