New Activities?

Just over the weekend, we were at my MIL house and my nephew had his playstation 3 switched on. He was playing this car game that was crashing each and everything around. Lol.. it was hilarious.. My MIL was also seen holding the control and her grandson was telling her “Just hit him TokMak!. He’s the bad guy!” and TokMak went “Cannot Azri.. we don’t hit people no matter how bad they are!” with a long concern look on her face….lolzzz…Talk about non-violent education…gelakguling

I’ve been blogging so much lately that I’ve not had a chance to do a lot of other things that I’ve enjoyed. Things like playing my strategy games, Caeser 3, Cleopatra and Restaurant Empire. And of course, that old time favorite, Sims – building houses have never been more fun!

Perhaps it’s time to rejuvenate the games juices and wake up that game spirit again.


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