Sleepless Munching Me

I noticed that ever since I’ve been blogging, my sleeping hours have been very erratic. In fact, I have started to consider sleeping a total waste of time – which is totally not me! I used to love sleeping and in fact would be very upset if my beauty sleep was disturbed for no apparent reason. And because I used to work late into the nights, weekends are a must for catchup sleep, if there was ever such a term..lolzz..

But now…. now I don’t like sleeping. I’m not insomniac or anything. I can sleep if I wanted to – it’s just that I don’t – want to sleep, I mean. I would only sleep when I’m really sleepy and the moment I’m awaken, I don’t even “loiter” on the bed anymore. It’s straight up, housework and blogging! I really need to enroll myself in blogger anonymous or something soon..heheh..

Anyway, I was looking back at my old entries on “What makes you fat” and I realised that if i continue with this pattern of life which consist of little sleep and lots of after midnight munchies, I seriously need to invest in a home gym equipment to keep the fat at bay. What do you think??


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