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Moss, Moss, Everywhere..

I don’t know why but our bedroom for some reason has a high density level. The room always feels “wet”. Perhaps it’s because the windows are always close and the only ventilation the room gets comes from the small windows in the bathroom. Anyway, I discovered something really gross this morning. There were moss growing […]

Jewelery – Make or Break

Jewelery can make or break any outfit that you wearing. Too little and you’ll look bare and too much, you’ll look like Mr T! And that is definitely a fashion “NO, NO”. Women’s and men’s jewelry have to be chosen carefully so as to not overwhelmed whatever you are wearing. Remember they are there to […]

Tips on Reheating Pizza

I love pizza and there always seems to be great offers when they deliver like just yesterday when we ordered two large pizzas for only RM50. It was enough to feed us through lunch today! Lolz!! Never have hard crust again.But you know how the crust often turns rock hard when reheating them the next […]

Just a Survey..

How important is haircut to you?? Cheerio…

Welcome to my New Home

I just got some pictures of our new house and I thought it would be nice to share with you as I hardly share any pictures here. So what do you think? This house has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 15 X 25 heated pool, hot tub and best of all it is facing the sea!! […]

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