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A Holiday in the Horizon?

I think I have dropped enough hints to hubby these past few weeks through our conversations and through my other blog (yes he does read it..yey!) that I needed that long overdue vacation because today I saw his web browser opened to a website that offers packages and cheap flights. He has not said anything […]

Pillow Talk

How many pillows do you need to go to sleep? Me? I only need one! Yeap, just one is enough for me. I don’t need bolsters and I don’t need any side pillow. The one on my head is the only one I need. Oh and only hypoallergenic pillows please. Down pillows can kill me […]

My Handyman Can

My hubby has so many tool boxes that sometimes I don’t know which is which to look for a simple screwdriver. Just yesterday, I needed to tighten a loose screw on my laundry rail so I went to his first toolbox, all I see were air tools. Then I went to another one, all I […]

Uterine Rupture

The last time I saw my gynae, she told me that if I was pregnant, chances are I would give birth via c-section. I did not ask any further because I thought I would cross that bridge when I get to it. Then the other day, a blogger friend of mine who also happened to […]

Give us space!

The same way men want us to give them space and time so that they have a nice night out with their male friends, ladies also want to enjoy the same luxury. No, we don’t need to get drunk or go clubbing for that matter but it would be nice to just get some time […]

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