When I am a Landlord…

One thing I hate about renting a house is the household features that the owners thrust upon its tenant. One thing that has become a pet peeve for me for me is the kitchen. Some owners are nice enough to provide kitchen cabinets while others just assume we put our pots and pans on the floor!

However, what really irks me is the kitchen sink. Most of them would select the very basic single bowl sink which is very shallow, then they would provide the faucet that is too long that makes washing pots and pans nearly impossible so much so that I have to wash them in the bathroom. I’m not asking for a nice Hansgrohe faucet, but a realistic one will do. Most of time, hubbs got to buy a shorter one to accommodate my requirements.

I mean, is it too much to want to make your tenant feel comfortable in a house that they would call home for a duration of time. I don’t think so and if I ever become a landlord myself, there would be no complaints in that department. Just make sure you pay your rental on time.


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