Quick tips for Lens Care

I remember back when I was growing up and how I hated to wear my glasses. So when I managed to get into junior college and as a present for doing so well in my “O” levels, my dad brought me to the optician to get a pair of contact lenses. I was the most excited 16 years old I tell you!

However, being young and a bit careless, I contracted conjunctivitis in my first year of wearing it and had to forgo the lenses and reverted back to my glasses. Oh well, such is life. However, here’s some quick tips for lens care in case you are interested:

  • Thoroughly wash and rinse your hands with soap and rinse them until there is no soapy feelings left before handling your contact lenses
  • Always apply and remove your lenses one at a time in the same manner, to avoid mixing them up
  • Never use anything to clean your lenses except for the recommended multipurpose solutions
  • Never sleep without removing your lenses
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses every time you remove them
  • Keep your multipurpose solution bottles tightly capped when not in use
  • Make sure the tips of your solutions bottles never touch any other surface besides the cap (that includes your fingers, eyes or lenses)
  • Always throw away expired multipurpose solutions
  • Never try to scrimp on multipurpose solutions by re-using them
  • Never ever share your lenses
  • Rinse your lens storage containers with multipurpose solutions everyday and let it air-dry
  • Don’t wear your lenses when you’re going anywhere near irritating fumes or vapors
  • Never swim or soak in a tub when you have your lenses on

Hope the quick tips above benefit you one way or another ok 🙂


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