Men and Cars

What is it with men and cars? For us ladies, it’s just a mode of transportation, to get us from point A to point B. However, for them, it is an entirely different story.

My mother-in-law always relate to me how when my hubby was a wee little boy of four or five, he was able to tell the model of any car that he saw on the road. Now, his mother was very puzzled as she herself would not recognized some model especially those that are not so popular on the road. So one day, she asked her son and this boy of four or five told her,

“Just look at the face of the car mommy!”…lolzz…

Who would have known that at such a tender age he was already noticing such things!

Nowadays, my hubby is an avid fan of shows like “Fifth Gear”, “Overhaul” and “Monster Garage” and he keeps saying how if he has a lot of extra money he would buy a Mustang and how he would hot rod it just like Chip of “Overhaul”. He would explain to me in detailed how he would get the Mustang parts online (I guess he already source out for it..lolz) and ship them here and how he and his group of friends would work on it. He would get so excited that sometimes I get excited just hearing him talk about him!

Anyway, today I surfed to the website that he was raving about and I saw some nice Mustang accessories. But I guess the only thing that I can get him right now would be this nice cap to just keep the dream alive.


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