Healthy Diet Plan

Eating healthily does not mean that one should start reducing their food intake and lose weight. Healthy eating requires the person to:

  • Consume the right proportion of food
  • Select the right choice of food
  • Prepare the food correctly
  • Knowing what nutrients the food contains

Consume healthy food!

Instead of consuming just one type of food, take in a variety of food. There are various other options that also can be practiced, for example:

  • Vegetables, grains and fruits – consume lots of these as they provide essential nutrients for your body
  • When eating meat, select lean cuts and if possible, select white meat such as chicken and fish instead of red meat
  • Limit the intake of caffeine, alcohol and salt in your diet as they can dehydrate you
  • Drink lots of water.

Change gradually

There is no need to make a drastic change. Even a minor change is sufficient, such as:

  • If you consume only one or two vegetables types a day, change your diet to consume more
  • Gradually increase your consumption of dairy products to three servings a day
  • Instead of drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks or sugar-sweetened tea, drink milk
  • Gradually cut down on your meat consumption by half or a third with each meal
  • Include two or more vegetables into your servings

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

There are not enough words to stress the importance of exercising to complement a healthy diet plan. There is of course no need to run a marathon everyday or join a gym program. Everyday workout can range from:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator to work
  • Parking further away from the store or your regular shopping area on every visit
  • Picking up a sport, be it bowling, tennis or football as long as it requires movement

Healthy eating does not mean that you would need to follow a strict diet or give up food you love. Healthy eating is all about balancing the amount of food types you eat to obtain all the necessary nutrients. It is of course a good idea to limit fattening food such as pizzas, fast food and junk food but that does not mean you need to avoid them completely.

So live and eat smart!


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