Do’s and Don’ts

All my friends wants to lose weight it seems. Some have gone without rice (staple food of us Asian) for days, some have cut down their sugar intake and some just joined a fitness center. So I’m wondering if I should do on a diet as well. I’ve never been on one in my life and really don’t know where to start but I came across this booklet that instead of stressing on losing weight per say, it advised us to eat healthy instead. It also highlighted some do’s and don’ts to be healthy as well and I thought I’d shared them with you as well.


  • Snack right by eating celery sticks, apples, bananas, oranges and whole grain crackers instead of junk food
  • Breakfast is crucial; never skip breakfast as it the THE most important meal of the day
  • Take fresh fruits instead of canned/preserved fruits which contain high sugar


  • Do not overcook vegetables as high temperature can cause loss of nutrient content
  • Avoid eating internal organs such as liver and kidney which is high in cholesterol and toxic substances
  • Opt for margarine instead of butter as it made from plant oil

Motivation, goal, reward

The motivation to lose weight and become healthier has to come completely from within. Regardless of whether you are trying to impress the girl/guy next door, lose a kilogram here and there for class reunion or just for the sake of losing weight to become a healthier person, so get the motivation and start setting a goal!

  • Set goals that you know you can achieve
  • Take you time and set your goals from small, attainable levels
  • Take things slowly but increase your goal range when more goals are achieved
  • Reward yourself when you’ve reached your goal
  • Set rewards on what you really want, follow the reward but try not to set rewards that would hamper your diet plan

Good luck ladies…

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