Women Can Do Anything!

I am so proud of women nowadays. We can be anything we want to set our hearts to be. “The sky’s the limit’ they say and that is so so true nowadays.

Just recently I was watching a show on Astro and it was something about constructions and mega buildings and bomb expert. Guess what?! The head foreman was a “ForeWoman”. Woman was I impressed! This forty something lady with two kids was also taking a step ahead in her career development as she is taking a further course in the construction industry to be someone more skilled and with more responsibilities on her shoulders.

I guess when you are in a so-called “Men” industry, you always have to be a step ahead so that you won’t be frowned on unnecessarily. That is the challenge everyday but to have a staff of men listening and looking up to you for guidance must feel awesome! More power to you girl!


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