Stop the Pop!

What is the one thing that I detest while surfing? I have to say it and I’m sure it is unanimously agreed that it has to be Popups. Am I wrong?

I don’t mind the ones that popup after I leave the site but those that appear as I enter is an absolute “no, no” and I don’t think I would want to visit the site again. I mean I understand it is an ad and it is supposed to attract attention but come on, I’m already there at your site, I’ll look around and if there is something I like, I’ll click on it, ok.

So that is why I’ve installed popup blocker on my laptop and desktop. One particular one I like is STOPzilla, the most advanced pop-up protection available. Aside from just stopping pop-up, it also, detects, blocks, and quarantines Spyware and Adware in true real time. It also has an on-demand & automatic Spyware scanning. The software also updates automatically for optimal protection. It kills browser hijackers, removes rootkits, prevents botnet attacks, blocks phishing attacks, protects from malicious Web sites and clears cookies & history for added protection.

Thank you popup blocker, you have made my surfing so much more enjoyable and relaxing. No pushy “salesman” around! Have you installed your pop-up blocker yet?


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