Recovering Blogger Part 2

Here I am again. I told you I can’t stay away..lolzz.

I am officially off the painkiller effective yesterday. I knew I feel better but I also wanted to know if it was the painkiller that was making me think so. So bye bye painkiller and hello pain…lolzz. To my great relief, the pain is tolerable. There’s definitely a bit of soreness where the incision was, and definitely a lot more discomfort because of that but I guess that is to be expected. My mama has done great great in the care home recovery department. Thank you mama. I love you!!

And what can I say about my abah? He is a walking encyclopedia. He knows everything. And what he does not know, he’ll researched it till he does. When I was first diagnosed with fibroids, he was the one to tell me that there was nothing to worry about and because he himself had gone through surgery before, he was able to relate to what I am experiencing right now and thus able to advise me on what is good for my diet and what to avoid. Thank you to you too Abah!! I love ya!

And yes, I made it to the second floor all by myself yesterday! Yeay!!!


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