Packing Smart

Whenever we as a family go anyway for a holiday, it always ended up the ladies doing all the packing. So here are some tips on packing smart:

  1. Don’t overpack. Always wear everything twice
  2. Start with a basie of one basic colour. Opt for pants and shirts either in black, brown or navy
  3. Bring colourful accessories to brightened up both day and night outfits. A scarf can double up as a sash or a wrap for your shoulders
  4. Pack a few staples like jeans, white shirt, sneakers and denim jacket
  5. Pack everything in extra large ziplock bags. The bags allow airport security to look through the items without unpacking the luggage
  6. Look for clothes that will not have to be ironed.
  7. Transfer things like shampoo and liquid soap into small plastic bottle especially with the airport rulings.
  8. If you are going to the US, your bag should be one with Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-recognised lock, so TSA officers can open the bag with a master key to physically check content, without having to cut the lock
  9. While you don’t want to draw too much attention to your bag, consider a bag in a colour other than grey, get a brightly-coloured luggage tag or a bright ribbon to help you distinguish your bag from others on the conveyor belt.

Hope that helps and happy packing!


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