One Week Ago…

It was exactly a week ago, at 9am. I remember hearing the time announcement over at the PA system at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. I was waiting on my bed in the operating waiting area. I was cold as I only had my surgical gown and blanket and I guess I was also shivering from fear. Fear of the unknown.

I had a very restless sleep last night even dreaming I was on an elliptical trainer running…right on LJ!..lolzz.. Actually I slept at 4am after hubs left me at the hospital this morning. I was the only habitant of the room and the other three beds were empty. After counting sheeps for the millionth times, I finally dozed off only to be awaken at 5am by the nurses to take my blood pressure and temperature. I was again left all alone after that. As my operation was scheduled for 8.30am or so, I decided to get cleaned up. I took a quick shower and since I was supposed to be fasting, means no breakfast. Not knowing what else to do, I started reading my Quran.

I did not even know when I dozed off coz the next thing I knew it was 8.15am and a nurse was there with Dr Hashim, the Anesthetician. He checked my health stats, my blood pressure, temperature and explained what was going to happen and the after effects of the GA that I was going to be under. As I had an asthma condition and on Seretide, he advised me to take two puffs of that before being wheeled into the operating theater (OT).

It was then 9.00am, exactly one week ago. I saw Dr Hashim, Dr Fauziah and another doctor that I did not know. I started to look around the OT with what limited vision I had without my glasses.. trying to absorb everything, from the surgical equipment, to the big lights on top of me. Dr Hashim started putting in the needle for administration of intravenous fluid on the back of my palm to administer the anesthetic thingy and he placed an oxygen mask over my nose and mouth. Within seconds I was out.

to be continued…


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