Follow up Appointment at the Gynae

Three weeks sure goes by so fast. I had my appointment with my gynae, Dr Fauziah, today for my post-surgery follow-up. She told me that the test on my fibroids show no signs of cancer or any extraordinary finding. Phew!

The analysis of the fibroids were:

1. Three fibroids 150grams in weight measuring 4.3×2.5×2.5cm, 4×3.3×2.5cm and 6×5.5×4.5cm

2. No degenerative changes seen

3. No malignancy

Here’s a picture of it as taken by the lab.

Scary eh to think those thing were inside of me and growing each time I ovulate!

My other concerns that I raised up while with her was that sometimes, just above the incision, it would hurt when I pass my hands over it and that I can’t seem to be able to hold my pee. It’s like when I need to go, I need to go!

So she did an ultrasound again and found that there are still some unwanted fluids in my womb. These were supposed to have been discharged when the tube was still in there. It seems that I did not move enough while still in the hospital so not all the fluid and blood got discharged out into the bottle. So that is what is causing the pain. There’s nothing much the doctor can do at this point. She told me that the fluid would eventually be absorbed by the body. She then addressed the peeing problem. She’s worried that it might be an infection and took some urine sample and at the same time prescribed me some alkali powder that I am supposed to take after meals three times a day. Oh and she also removed the stitches from the laparoscopy procedure.

She prescribed me some folic acid and antibiotics. No follow-up appointment was set but I was told to come and see her if the urine problem and the pain persist in one month time. Otherwise, she say, I’ll see you next when you are pregnant…lolzzz

Total bill came up to RM205.00


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4 Responses to “Follow up Appointment at the Gynae”

  1. wen says:

    how about doing kegel exercise and stil down when driking any fluid. then stay for a moment before u get up. hope everything will be fine for u

  2. LadyJava says:

    Hiya WenWhat is kegel exercise? would love to be able to rid of this excess fluid earlier than later. It sure is causing lots of discomfort.Thanks for your well wishes :-)See you around soon 🙂

  3. Farah Deen says:

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD!!!! LJ, i wouldn’t look at it again! too scary….

  4. LadyJava says:

    lolzz Farah.. scary eh. now you know why I can’t post it my other blog…heheh

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