Time for more shopping…

The end of the year is coming and that means for ladies, it’s more shopping. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, like me, it is always a good excuse for more money spending as this is the time when you get the best offer as everything is going on sale or deep discounts!

This time around, I’m eyeing for myself a laptop and since there is a PC Fair going on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia held at the Convension Center, I’m off to window shop and if something fits my criteria and budget then today would be day I own a new laptop. Yahoo!!..Feeling of anticipation washed over me at the thought of seeing new PCs out in the market and possibly finding that dream laptop of mine at dropped down dead prices.

I’m very picky when it comes to laptop. Firstly, I don’t want a bulky one coz I would definitely hate to lug it around especially on my trips back to Singapore. Imagine, carrying my handbag, my clothing bag and my heavy laptop. Nope, it’s definitely gonna be a “light” one for me.

Next, I want an in-built webcam coz I’m just too lazy to carry additional gadget but since I am an avid user of YM, I want it to be available just the same.

Lastly the price must meet my budget which, sad to say is not too much. Perhaps hubby can top up the difference. Wow, I am so excited and I even have some of my Corvette pictures all ready for the wallpaper!

See you later.


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