Now that Woman’s Power

I chanced upon this website Diablo Green Consulting – a site that does enviromental site assessement. I’ll get to that bit later but what I was proud of, was the fact that this company is a woman owned Californian corporation. I mean women nowadays are so great. I would have thought this kind of services are all done by men and although I think it is very much men-dominated, to have women owned such a company is cause of pride to any kind 🙂

Anyway back to the what the company does. Like I mentioned above, Diablo Green Consulting (DGC) provides clients who have commercial property transaction and wireless tower projects in enviromental consulting services for Phase I, NEPA, CEQA, wetland delineation,natural resource management, and cultural resource management.

According to the site, their Phase I Environmental Site Assessment services includes:

  • A Phase I ESA report compliant with ASTM Standard E 1527
  • High-quality color report (2 printed and bound color copies)
  • A link to download the full report in PDF format
  • Qualified personnel to perform site visit, reportprep, and review
  • Dedicated project manager to ensure project quality and schedule>
  • Standard three (3) week turnaround (faster turnaround times available)

So if you need any of these services, be sure to check them out ok.

Here’s to women power…

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