Lose weight or else

I was over at my gynae yesterday for my yearly checkup, you know woman stuff, pap smear and the works. What I dislike about going to this gynae of mine is that she is also a OBGYN which means she has lots of pregnant ladies going to her as well which literally means even if you have an appointment you’ll have to wait like a long time before she actually sees you. You know coz pregnant ladies normally have lots of procedure right like ultra scan, blood pressure test so on and so forth.

Basically what I am getting at is I usually have lots of time to mingle with the other patient. One patient that I was talking too yesterday really had a scary story to tell. In 2004 she was diagnosed with ovarian cyst which I know is a common thing with ladies – I had one too but it went out with my monthly cycle once. Anyway hers obviously did not although according to her pain went away after her next cycle. However, recently the pain came back and after visiting another gynae she was told that the cyst had grown to seven centimeters. This is reason to be alarm coz if I recalled properly mine was only like 2 cm and that was why the doc at the time said mine was not to be worried about unless its over 5 cm. Now this lady’s is like 7cm.

She made an appointment with my gynae to get a second opinion. As her appointment was way before mine, she went in first and I had a chance to speak to her again after she finished as it still was not my turn yet. The doc told her that if she was smaller in size (she is quite obese unfortunately), they could do a laparoscopy but since she is overweight, they needed to do a surgery instead and even before that they gave her two month to lose weight first before any surgery can take place.

Poor thing. I was really sorry for her and the look on the face when she was relating what the doctor told her was really heartbreaking.

So girl, if you by chance read this, take care ya, try to lose some weight so that you get that “Benda Allah”, like Dr Fawziah called it, out of you and perhaps you can even take up the doctor’s recommendation to see a dietitian.

Take care and God bless

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