I Spy an Eye

I recalled the first time my parents were “summoned” to school by my math teacher. She told my parents that I had a learning disability. That I was unable to copy correctly whatever was on the blackboard. That I was, to put it mildly “stupid”. I recalled my mom had tears in her eyes and my father had a look of shock.

However, my father was not someone who gave up hope quickly. Blessed him. Instead of resigning to fate, he took me to see an optician. Yeap. Optician! I was told that I needed a pair of glasses. The reason why I was unable to copy correctly what was on the board was because I can’t see the words. Duh! Who’s the dumb one now?

That incident happened when I was only nine and that’s the day I turned to be the four eyed girl. Hehehe..I hated it. My degrees was very high so I pretty much needed to wear it ALL the time. I refused. I only wore my glasses in class and I would squint my way out in the real world. I remember that I nearly missed my school bus because I can’t see and everyone in the bus was calling out.. I just saw blur images, no real features of anyone, just some blur hands waving…

Such vanity at so young an age. Sigh…

Then, I remember saying goodbye to my glasses when I started working and could afford contact lenses. I especially like those colored ones but unfortunately they don’t have it in my degrees..lolz…Anyway to make a long story short, I’m no longer wearing contact lenses as it was too difficult to maintain and I’m just too lazy to maintain it. I, now, for special occasions, wear the daily wear one. So easy, wear once then throw. No mess, no fuss.

So you can imagine how long I’ve been living with this foreign thing on my nose. It’s the first thing I grabbed when I wake up and last thing I say goodnight to at the end of the day. I am blind as a bat. Maybe I should consider Lasik surgery.. it’s the rage now 🙂

Vanity… that deserve another sigh..


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