I love “Fast”

Just recently, my niece commented on how fast I talk. I’ve been told that before many times but when a little girl of eight claimed that sometimes she does not understand what I’m saying. Now, I feel, that is cause for worry. Then, we were out for dinner last night celebrating my in-laws anniversary and again she commented that I eat fast, how I chew fast and even how I drink fast. How do I explained to this girl that it’s all normal to me? Here’s an excerpt of the conversation.

Emma : Mak Chak, why do you eat so fast?
Mak Chak : Coz I’m hungry
Emma : Mak Chak, why do you drink so fast?
Mak Chak : Coz I’m thirsty
Emma : Mak Chak, why do you talk so fast?
Mak Chak : Coz I’ve got lots to say and I’m afraid that if I speak slow, the conversation would be too long
Emma : Mak Chak,what do you do that is not fast?
Mak Chak : When I poo!
Emma : Yucks!!!!

(PS: Emma is my niece, Mak Chak is me, literally meaning, eldest aunt)

I honesty do talk too fast, but what can I say, I’m Singaporean. That ought to explain it pretty well…lolz.. the only thing that is slow right now is the PC at my hubby’s office that I use to do his company’s accounts. He really need to seriously consider getting an upgrade of the IBM memory he currently has. A nice 1GB memory upgrade shoud do the trick rather well. However, for now, I’ll just be slow with doing the accounts and the poo thing..heheh


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