Hannah Who?

I don’t subscribe to the Disney Channel on Astro as we have no kids at home and if you think about cartoons and discovery channel…hmmm I think you know which one we chose. However, my MIL has Disney Channel as one of her subscribed channel simply because it keep the grandchildren occupied while she cooks or does her craft work.

So one day, while Emma was at my MIL’s watching the channel, I sat with her. She was watching “Hannah Montana”. A show about a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage girl at school during the day and a famous pop singer, Hannah Montana, at night. Her real identity is concealed by the public and only her close friends and family know who she really is. I always thought Disney Channel were for cartoons.. duh!.. This is a very fun show to watch and I only discovered that the show is doing a US tour. So if you are a fan, make sure you get your Hannah Montana tickets soon before they are all sold out.

How I wished they were touring here then I can watch it and bring Emma along as an excuse…lolzzz


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