As 52nd week approaches…

Time sure flies. I remember January like it was yesterday and in fact the fireworks during that countdown is still fresh in my memory. Yet, here’s December and that 52nd week is fast approaching again. Looking back, sometimes I wonder what I would do differently, how much more or less things I would have done. Would I have proscatinated doing things that I could have done then and still have not done now? Hmm..
As the year draws to a close, do you sometimes feel that there is more to do so that you have a fresh start next year? Do you suddenly see your to-do’s list accumulating just so you can have it done before 2007 leaves us and 2008 makes an appearance?

I know that my list has been adding on since last month. There are so many things that I feel I need to complete so that my 2007 slate is clean. Will I have time to do it while juggling my daily life? I doubt so but I can always try to be that superwoman that all of us ladies strive to be at one point of another.

Good luck with your own personal agenda. Don’t you just wish you can be two or even three places at once sometimes??

Keep striving and don’t forget that beautiful smile!

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