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Another Green Survey

New Year. New Resolution. How willing are you to go GREEN for the new year! Cheerio…

Now that Woman’s Power

I chanced upon this website Diablo Green Consulting – a site that does enviromental site assessement. I’ll get to that bit later but what I was proud of, was the fact that this company is a woman owned Californian corporation. I mean women nowadays are so great. I would have thought this kind of services […]

It’s a New Year

It’s a new year ladies. Time to reflect back on 2007 and time to check on last year’s resolution. Me? Personally I don’t believe in resolutions coz I always end up not finishing them and what’s the point of doing one or a few each new year only to bring it forward to the next […]

Career Options

When I was growing up and wanted to be lots of things, I remembered the one facination I had was in the medical line. I wanted to be a surgeon, I wanted to be a obgyn, I wanted to be a dentist and I wanted to be a nurse. Then after finishing my secondary school […]

Green is a Nice Color

I am always trying to go green. I recycle stuff, I don’t send greeting cards anymore and when I do, I try to buy those that use recycle paper, although they are a tad more costly. Even my kitty litter is made of recycled paper. How have you gone green? Cheerio…

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