Viva Las Vegas

I often wondered what it would be like to live in Las Vegas. As a little girl, I grew up watching the gorgeous private investigator Dan Tanna who has a practice in Vegas and as a adult woman, I watched “CSI” and “Las Vegas”, all three are TV series, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, what I meant was, would people living in Las Vegas gamble all the time? Would they be tempted once they have some money to spare? What about eloping? I mean lots of instant chapel there. In fact, even “Elvis” can marry you..lolz.. Then I got curious as to how expensive houses would be in such a glamorous area. From what all these shows portray, Las Vegas is more of a tourist spot than a place to live.

So as usual, my fingers did the walking to find out more about Las Vegas Real Estate. From this website I found, Las Vegas has some awesome looking houses for sale and the price I would say befits the quality of the house itself. I was looking at one particular one at Regal Rock. Very nice house indeed and I love the interior. Too bad it was sold though..heheh


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