The Better Candle

Imagine this scenario. After a hard days work, you prepare yourself a nice long bath. You get the water temperature to just at the the right heat. You got out that special perfumed bath oil that you love so much and light up that scented candle. You turned off the lights, got undressed and soak yourself in that heavenly concoction. Ahhh… pure joy..

You start to relax and the tension of the day starts to disappear and your thoughts turned to nicer events, like that wonderful dinner last week with your loved ones. You should really have more nights like that instead of beating datelines all the time. Then suddenly, just as you are about to reminisce more, you realize the sweet smelling perfume has gone off and you are left in darkness. Hmm.. if only you had bought that soy candles instead. This would not have happened coz they sure last longer

You make a mental note to next time buy wholesale soy candle from their website while you force yourself to get out from your now spoilt bath.

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