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Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and cry “I’ve got nothing to wear!” and yet just by looking at the way the hanger’s rod are bending, you know you got to start “slimming” those clothings…lolz..

I have this problem, as do other ladies I’m sure (otherwise you are probably in denial..lolz), everytime I have a special event I am preparing for. At that moment, that best dress that I have been saving for, just for events like the one I was going to, either no longer fits or simply don’t look that good anymore. So I need to do more shopping. Unfortunately there’s is hounding voice just behind that says… “what are you doing to do with all these clothes?”. Then a lightbulb moment. I could start my own online store.. where I can NOT only put my used clothing (on sale or bidding of course) but I can put other stuff as well like those accessories I no longer used or I could even join venture with my friends and have more items to sell. I would need a ecommerce software that has a shopping cart. I would need multiple payment option like credit cards and especially one with paypal option (I know a lot of folks that are earning and being paid via this payment processor). I would need a site that gives great search engine optimization or SEO and preferably offer me a free trial. I found all this and more with AshopCommerce.

Hmm.. I don’t have any excuse to delay now do I??


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