Let’s Go Green

Going Green. I hear it being said plenty of times. People are now more aware about the importance of going green because of global warming and so are making a conscious effort to do something to save the earth by recycling paper, plastic, glass. Recycling bins can also be found everywhere to make it easier to everyone to kick in the habit.

GreenandMore dot com is taking it a step further by offering everyone a chance to own eco friendly products in the form of home furniture for the dining, living and patio area. They also have a nice and attractive selection for the kids room and office furniture. Other products being offered comes in the form of kitchen appliances, home flooring, lighting, vacuum cleaners and even water.

Their mission clearly states that …
We support the needs of an eco-conscious community by offering an online eco friendly products shop that offers quality and style, environmental information and news, and ways to support environmental charities. We hope to educate and inspire everyone to minimize our impact on the planet.

Their website has a special section called “Learning center” that covers a variety of “go-green” information that would enable us to better learn and understand the terminology with interesting articles so that we can share the knowledge we know with others. They also have a blog that they call “GreenMusing” where the employees and public share their going green stories and photos.

To start people on this worthy campaign, Greenandmore dot com is offering a ten percent discount off your entire order with coupon code : GREEN10 which expires on 31 December 2007

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Let’s Go Green People…

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