Going Organic.. I think

I’ve just joined the “Organic” wagon. “Melilea Greenfield Organic” that is.

In my quest to be healthier as I approach the big 40 in two years time, I’ve decided to cleanse my body of all the toxin and poison that have been allowed to reside there (without rental, mind you). Although I have never had any problems with my health, or any weight issues, I really believe this product range that I am going on will be able to make me and hubbs lead a healthier lifestyle.

Melilea GreenField Organic Drink and Apply Orchard Juice for Flavour

Nothing drastic is going to happen. I’m not going green all of a sudden..I hate veggies and still do ;)…so we decided to keep it sweet and simple.

The program recommends that we do one day fasting method (meaning no food just the organic drink) for one day in a week as a starting point. However, since hubbs and I decided on the KISS rule, we decide to forgo the fasting, for now, and just have it at least once a day. Perhaps we skip either lunch or dinner. Now you might think we are not committed people, but we figured, if this product need to really work for us, then it should compliment our lifestyle and not need us to change to accommodate “it”. It should improve our lifestyle and not make us antisocial or something because we have to keep missing our friend’s dinners.

We don’t know how effective this organic thing is for us then.. but I guess we see what will happen soon right.. Stay tune..


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