Beating the Addiction

I noticed nowadays that there are a lot more women smokers amongst us. Where before, my generation that is, none of my girlfriends smoke, I am having more younger girlfriends lighting up after a meal. Personally I have nothing against smokers, my late father smoked and my husband still smokes.

The real concern for us women is, I guess, when we are either getting trying to get pregnant or is already pregnant. I read somewhere that…

It’s thought nicotine reduces a woman’s fertility by affecting the production of hormones that are necessary for pregnancy. Smoking also impedes the transportation of the egg through the Fallopian tubes to the womb.


In later pregnancy, smoking mothers are at increased risk of the baby’s placenta coming away from the womb before the baby is born (placental abruption). This may cause the baby to be born prematurely, starve of oxygen, or even to die in the womb (stillborn).

There are plenty of ways to stop. Unfortunately there is none like a drug rehabilitation center that you can check into. It’s mostly willpower ladies and who else has it more if not us right?

Beat the Addiction…

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