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Weekly Household Tip

I love being handy at around the house. What I don’t love is when I accidently hammer my fingers instead of the nail when trying to put up pictures onto the wall myself..lolz So here is this week household tip. The next time you need to hammer a nail and not your finger, use a […]

Beating the Addiction

I noticed nowadays that there are a lot more women smokers amongst us. Where before, my generation that is, none of my girlfriends smoke, I am having more younger girlfriends lighting up after a meal. Personally I have nothing against smokers, my late father smoked and my husband still smokes. The real concern for us […]

Reading Star

Do you belive in your horoscope? I have mixed feelings about this issue. When I was younger, I religiously read my zodiac horoscope daily. Although most of them were not true, being a gullible and impresionable girl of nine or ten, that was the closest to adult life I can get to. I only really […]

Passionate Together

Part of being a great life partner is to share activities together. If before marriage, you love to hang out with him fishing, the kids should not be an excuse to not go with him anymore. If before marriage, you share his passion in cars, why should that stop after marriage. If you don’t know […]

Life’s Unexpected Turns

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. One minute you are fine but the next something that you least expect happens. Just last week, my neighbour’s husband passed away leaving her and their two small kids to fend for themselves. Fortunately, when the husband was alive he had taken up several life insurance policies and that […]

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