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I know a lot of my girlfriends who are really talented in doing handiworks and crafts that could easily be in demand and fetch a good price out there in the open market. The only limitation that always gets in the way is that they do not want to set up shop somewhere and be bound to it physically. They want to be home with their kids and I totally support their decision. I mean, if I have kids I want to be home with them too and not have some shop to tend and worry about.

So I have a suggestion for you my dear friends and any ladies who might find this idea appealing. Set up an online shop! You could get a group of friends that have similar hobbies and offer this products on your website. You could get an ecommerce software, like the one being offered by Ashop commerce, complete with shopping cart that accept all major credit cards including paypal! Ashop commerce even provide free store design offer and ten day free trial without the need of any credit card registration. Is that cool of what??

So come on ladies, extra income is always good right…


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