Defective Genes?

We all have our so call defective genes in us. You know those heredity things that you just can’t run away from. For me, I must say is my hairloss problem. My father, may he rest in peace, was partially bald. I noticed my uncles were all balding too and my aunts all have thinning hair. I’m hoping it will skip me because my mom has jet black thick wavy hair that is still her crowning glory. However, sad to say, I don’t see that happening. Every time I wash my hair, I see tonnes, and I mean tonnes of them at the sink. I tried everything, from hair loss lotion to traditional olive oil. It does not seem to help. Some say it’s hormonal.. oh well.. the old hormones blame trip again..heheh..

Anyway, I am still on the lookout for a “cure” which brings me to a product I saw online call provillus. It supposed to “seeds” your scalp and provide the required nutrition to bring damaged and dead hair follicles back to life. Now that sounds good! Even the reviews I found on it sounds promising. If it can bring back my crowning glory, why not right?


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