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Your Own Recipe Software

Do you have hundreds of recipes that you keep as individual files either in your computer or as a hard copy in a notebook somewhere? Have you ever wanted to compile your recipes into a single file that is easy to track whenever you want it. Do you want those files available to you 24/7 […]

Defective Genes?

We all have our so call defective genes in us. You know those heredity things that you just can’t run away from. For me, I must say is my hairloss problem. My father, may he rest in peace, was partially bald. I noticed my uncles were all balding too and my aunts all have thinning […]

Tobi and Me

What woman don’t enjoy shopping? Even as I’m typing this, I’m giggling to myself 🙂 That being said, I found Tobi. Who is Tobi, you might ask. Well Tobi is the next generation online shopping boutique experience. With an online stylist that acts as a personal shopper at hand to assist in your decision making, […]

Household tip #7

Ever took out your brown sugar to use them and found them all harden? Well try placing a slice of apple to soften it. It works for me and I’m sure it will work for you as well 🙂 Cheerio… Psst: Do you know?? Some people consume brown sugar as a way to weight-loss as […]

Household Tip #6

Do you problems removing stains on cups or utensils? What I try that works is to rub crushed egg shells over the stains, then rinse it under running water. Stain’s gone and shiny cups and utensils once more 🙂 Cherio…

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