It hurts when I pee

I had this constant urge to pee and when I do, it hurts like sh*t. I tried drinking lots and lots of water. Had to go to loo much more and it hurts much more too. Finally I went to the doctor’s yesterday and was told I might have urinary tract infection and it very common for women to have them given how short our tract are compared to men. I was given antibiotics to kill those those eiky bacteria and some alkaline granules to alkalize my urine. That seems to do the trick, it did not hurt that much although I still got to pee more because of all this water I’m still drinking.

I went surfing to find out more about this condition and I came across this website which suggest some home treatment before heading to your doctor . There was also a forum member that suggested cranberry juice so I will definitely try that one.

The situation is getting better for me now though I have to lay off all that coffee and tea for now. Sigh….it’s tough being a woman….lolzz


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2 Responses to “It hurts when I pee”

  1. Melody says:

    i went to keeyit blog to read, then thought to passy by on yours too, im just glad i did, coz i find useful information which i can strongly relate at the moment., i had the same problem, i knew before i got uti., then i think it comes back again., got to go really to see a doctor., thanks for the posts.,.

  2. LadyJava says:

    Yes, UTI is very painful. Even with the antibiotics, it takes lots of water and pe*eing before I was really cured. Worst still I was travelling as well. Moral of the story is to drink plenty of water and try not to hold in your pee. Go when you need to go. Otherwise.. it hurts.

    Glad you find the post useful 🙂

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