A Handbag Lunatic

I am a handbag lunatic. I can’t leave a shopping mall without looking at handbags. The problem is I always end up buying one. Currently I have more handbags than I use and still find excuses to buy more! I already have a reason to buy my next one.

I love the small ones. I love the big ones. I love the black ones and I love the red ones. I love them all.. so help me GOD!

AND I’ve fallen in love with the “Freaky” handbag (see below) from the “Bitten” range from SJP. Seriously considering buying from e-Bay using my sponsored post earning…. now to find a seller that ships to KL…

Psst.. anyone bought one already?? love it?? hate it?? tell me, tell me..

Also on the topic of handbags and if you are from the States, you you can get a FREE Coach™ Handbag here just by submitting your email address! Sweet!!

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